iOS version of the app “Manga Teikoku (comic kingdom) ROOKIES”


IGNIS LTD.(Head Office:Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO:Qian Kun, hereinafter “IGNIS”)hereby announces that its 100% consolidated subsidiary ignition inc.(Head Office:Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO:Hiroyuki Kashiwaya, hereinafter “ignition”)has started to provide the iOS version of the app “Manga Teikoku (comic kingdom) ROOKIES”.



■Features of the App

One can read the total comic series 『ROOKIES』(24volumes in total), for free, one volume a day. For those who wish to read more than one volume (without waiting until the following day) may do so by paying a fee in the app. The fee is an affordable 120 yen per volume, and that volume is available for the following week. This app is part of the series of apps provided under the “Free Content  Model Hybrid Apps” provided by ignition, and the apps series have counted a cumulative 5.8 million downloads.


■About 『ROOKIES』

The comic story 『ROOKIES』 is created by Masanori Morita, and was serialized in the 『Weekly Shonen Jump』 (Shueisha publishing) from 1998 to 2003. This story which depicted the relationship between Kawato, the enthusiastic and passionate first-year teacher, and the delinquent baseball club members, was dramatized as a TV series in 2008, becoming a big hit. The following year in 2009, it was made into a movie, and the box office sales ranked top in that year. The comic continues to exert influence, and through this app, it is expected that new readership will be acquired.


Other representative works of Masanori Morita include『Rokudenashi BLUES』 and 『Beshari life』.



This application is provided with the consent of the author Mr. Masanori Morita and Studio Hitman/Shueisha.



IGNIS will continue to challenge into new areas in order to create services that will become the “Next standard”.


■Outline of the app Manga Teikoku (comic kingdom) ROOKIES』


Name of the App

Manga Teikoku (comic kingdom) ROOKIES』


ignition inc.

Date of Release

August 9, 2016




iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible iOS7.0 or later


Download is free(some fees may be charged within the app)


iOS version

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