‘BOKU & Dragons’ starts collaboration event with ‘The Seven Deadly Sins – Signs of Holy War – ’from November 4th


IGNIS Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director CEO: Qian Kun, hereinafter “IGNIS”) is pleased to announce that ‘BOKU & Dragons’, the new sensation smartphone RPG provided by its subsidiary Studioking Inc(Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director:Takaaki Suzuki, hereinafter “studioking”)will hold a collaboration event with the very popular TV animation  ‘The Seven Deadly Sins – Signs of Holy War – ’ from Friday, November 4th.


About the TV animation series ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’

Long, long ago, when there was no distinction between the world of humans and non-humans…
“Liones Kingdom” was protected by a Holy Knight who had enormous magical powers, was respected by all, and at times, was feared at…
Princess Elizabeth, left the country, alone, to search for a group of people…
They were feared as the most powerful and horrendous group of knights,
As having betrayed the country, and made enemies with all of the Holy Knights…
“The Seven Deadly Sins” were what they were called.

Elizabeth arrives at a tavern, where she meets a boy named Melodias, who claims to be the owner of the tavern.
That was the beginning of the extraordinary journey, which will drastically change her, “The Seven Deadly Sins”, and the fate of the world…!


■Outline of the collaboration event between ‘BOKU & Dragons’ and the TV animation ‘The Seven Deadly Sins – Signs of Holy War – ’

Limited collaboration units can be gained by ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ collaboration gacha!
There will be a ‘log-in bonus’ to commemorate this collaboration event!
A maximum of 10 tickets where you can do single gachas for free!
Also, during the collaboration period, ‘AP slime’ changes to ‘Hawk slime’!

【Collaboration period】
November 4th (Fri.) 16:00~November 18th (Fri.) 15:59


【What is the “Seven Deadly Sins” collaboration gacha】

・A bargain gacha where you can gain “Deadly Sin bonus” ranging from 6th~Top prize!

・The Deadly Sin bonus Top prize is UR Orb ‘Meliodas’ and UR Dragon ‘Demonized Hendrickson’!

As 1st prize, SR Dragon ‘Hawk’ and SR Orb ‘Ban’ appear!

・All users share the “Deadly Sin bonus”, and when the Top prize is reduced to zero, all bonuses are set again to zero.

・Also, according to the rareness of the unit acquired through the gacha, “Deadly Sin Rare points” are given, to gain some items.

・The showpiece for the “Deadly Sin Rare point” is the SR “Elizabeth”!You can surely get a maximum of 4 bodies and evolve to the final form!


【Bargain Gacha Discounts】

・First time 10 continuous gacha 3000 gem→1500 gem

・First time 5 continuous gacha 1500 gem→900 gem

・First time single gacha 300 gem→ A maximum of 10 times for free with a “free ticket”


【Seven Deadly Sins collaboration Gacha limited units】

〜Can gain by Deadly Sin bonuses〜


UR: Meliodas (Cost18)

SR: Ban (Cost16)

 ur_meri-1  sr_ban-1


〜Can gain by Deadly Sin rare points〜


SR: Elizabeth(Cost15)



〜Can gain by Deadly Sin bonuses〜


UR: Demonized Hendrickson(Cost18)

SR: Hawk (Cost16)

 ur_hen-1  sr_hork-1

※The illustration shows what they look like at their final stage of evolution 

※Campaign timing and contents etc. may change without prior notice in accordance with circumstances.


‘BOKU & Dragons’ will continue to make endeavors in launching interesting events for many more users to enjoy.


■Outline of ‘BOKU & Dragons’



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BOKU & Dragons


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iOS:March 12, 2015

au game version: August 26, 2015

Amazon version:July 22, 2016


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※cannot use on kindle related devices

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible iOS7.0 or later

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