Pulse (IGNIS subsidiary) starts joint research on application of VR technology with Professors from Juntendo University (Prof. Horie and Prof. Kawato)


IGNIS Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director CEO: Qian Kun, hereinafter “IGNIS”) announces that their subsidiary, Pulse Inc. (hereinafter “Pulse”) will commence as its “0th project”, a joint research project regarding the application of VR technology with Professor Shigeo HORIE and Professor Suguru KAWATO of Juntendo University. The research will be in the area as explained below:


1. Outline of the joint research project regarding the application of VR technology

(1) Research and development on VR contents which are effective to the preventing and delaying progression of dementia

Japan is seeing an acceleration of the aging of its society; it is forecasted that by 2025, 7 million people may be diagnosed with dementia, and measures to respond to this is part of the national strategy (*).
Professor Horie of Juntendo University is conducting research on how hormones related to social activity affect cognitive functions, and Professor Kawato on how hormones can improve memory.
Pulse will be joining Professor Horie and Kawato in conducting research on VR contents which may prevent and delay the progress of dementia.
If the effects are proven, Pulse plans to develop VR contents whose objective is to prevent and delay progress of dementia, as well as deliver a comprehensive service utilizing those contents.
(*Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “The Comprehensive Strategy to Accelerate Dementia Measures (New Orange Plan)”)

(2) Profiles

<Professor Shigeo HORIE>

1985 Graduated from the University of Tokyo, faculty of Medicine
1993 Doctor of Medicine
After becoming a fellow at the UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas,member of the faculties at University of Tokyo, National Cancer Center, Teikyo University and others,
2012 Professor, Juntendo University School of Medicine

<Professor Suguru KAWATO>

1979 Ph.D Physics, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science & Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
2015 Visiting Professor, Juntendo University School of Medicine, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo

(3) Comments from Professors Horie and Kawato

As VR triggers a completely new body sensation, it activates the brain, and has the possibility to re-form and reestablish cognitive functions. We hope that the collaboration with Pulse will bring about innovation to research on cognitive functions.

(4) Policy on the VR (virtual reality) business of Pulse Inc. (hereinafter “Pulse”)

Pulse is engaged in multiple VR projects, progressing simultaneously. This “0th project” is among one of these projects. Pulse will proactively engage itself in promising areas related to VR.

(5) How Messrs. Yasushi AKIMOTO, Yutaka MATSUO and DaiGo will engage with Pulse

Pulse is involved in several different projects. The abovementioned capital contributors are involved in different projects with each of them in different roles. As stakeholders, are contributing to the success of Pulse, and the video posted on Pulse’s website is one of their contributions. Currently however, the projects are not at stages to disclose or make any announcements.

(6) Foreseeable effects on Company performance

The effect of this initiative is not incorporated in the Company’s forecast for FYE September 2017, as it is still in the R&D phase and the timing to launch services is still unknown at this stage. Also, if services are to be launched, this will initially be made on a pilot basis. Therefore, the Company will continue to examine performance forecasts, and will disclose figures as necessary.


Pulse will be “Creating New Standards” utilizing VR. Please look forward to our next step.

2. Outline of Pulse

Company name Pulse Inc.
Representative Director, Qian Kun
Established November 4 , 2016
Address Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Capital 1,050,000JPY
Shareholder IGNIS, Yasushi AKIMOTO, Yutaka MATSUO DaiGo and other
Fiscal Year end September
Business Plan, develop and operate VR contents
URL http://pulse227.com/

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