’BOKU & DRAGONS’ starts collaboration campaign with ‘Sengoku Enbu-KIZNA-‘ from Monday, March20th, 2017


IGNIS Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Qian Kun, hereinafter “IGNIS”) is pleased to announce that ‘BOKU & DRAGONS’, the new sensation smartphone RPG provided by its subsidiary studioking, Inc.(Head Office :Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO :Takaaki Suzuki, hereinafter “studioking”)will hold a collaboration campaign with the smartphone game ‘Sengoku Enbu -KIZNA-‘ (hereinafter “Sengoku Enbu”) which is provided by Sumzap, Inc. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shigeaki Kuwada, hereinafter “Sumzap”) from Monday, March 20th, 2017.


Overview of ‘BOKU & DRAGONS

“BOKU & DRAGON” is an easy to play smartphone RPG game with a quick start up time on screen, and one can enjoy the game without much effort. The players are conquer the “slime”; you are upgraded when you conquer the slime, and if you get the dragon, that dragon becomes a member of yours. The largest attraction of the game is the 3D action and the summons battle held 3 times a day. In this real-time cooperation battle, you can have a battle between 2 guilds of a maximum of 20 members vs 20 members, where you can feel the excitement of a cooperation battle as you can chat to formulate strategies and collaborate on battle techniques.

Overview of ‘Sengoku Enbu -KIZNA-‘

’Sengoku Enbu’ is a smartphone card game, where the scene is set in the Period of Warning States. You can have a battle between 2 teams of a maximum of 20 members vs 20 members can battle. The largest feature of the game is that one can participate in a real-time battle, 3times a day, for a limited time of 30 minutes. The game has achieved cumulative downloads of 5.2 million, and is ranking high in the App Store game sales ranking; it is the most popular * smartphone games.

*According to QuerySeeker App Store Top Sales Ranking (Ranked #1 forOctober- November 2015) in games set in the Period of Warning States.

Outline of the collaboration campaign between ‘BOKU & DRAGONS’ and ‘Sengoku Enbu’

One can acquire, through the campaign page that can be accessed from the game,Cards exclusive to this collaboration campaign and other items. This will be in accordance with the number of people one played with in each app of ‘BOKU & DRAGONS’ and ‘Sengoku Enbu’. The greater the total number with which one plays with, the greater the reward amount, as well as the type of items one can acquire.

In addition, during this campaign period, there will be an exclusive event “Scout Rush!” in ‘BOKU & DRAGONS’, where the characters from ‘Sengoku Enbu’ will appear.By completing missions during this collaboration campaign period, one can acquire Orbs exclusive to this collaboration event. One can also acquire these exclusive Orbs by defeating five of the “rice-ball slimes” that appear and successfully achieving the scouting activity.

Also, in ‘Sengoku Enbu’, by completing missions during the campaign period, one can acquire cards and items exclusive to the collaboration event.

*For more details of the campaign, please go to the campaign page within the games of ‘BOKU & DRAGONS’ and ‘Sengoku Enbu‘

[Collaboration campaign period]
18:00 of Monday, March 20th 2017to 23:59 of Sunday, March 26th2017

The list of collaboration event-exclusive Orbs one can acquire in ‘BOKU & DRAGONS’

SR:Musashi Miyamoto(cost 14)
SR:Hanbe Takenaka(cost 13) SR:Kansuke Yamamoto(cost 12)
 SR_takenaka SR_yamamoto


The list of collaboration event-exclusive Cards one can acquire in ‘Sengoku Enbu’

SR:Susanoo(cost 16)
SR:Amaterasu(cost 16) SR:Tsukuyomi(cost 16)
SR_ama SR_tsuku

*The illustrations show what they look like at their final stage of evolution.

*Campaign timing and contents etc. may change without prior notice in accordance with circumstances.

‘BOKU & DRAGONS’ will continue to make endeavors in launching interesting events for many more users to enjoy.

Outline of ‘BOKU & DRAGONS‘



Name of the Apps



studioking inc.

Date of Release

Android:February 20, 2015

iOS:March 12, 2015

au game version: August 26, 2015

Amazon version:July 22, 2016


Cooperating Battle RPG


AndroidTM Version 4.0 or later

※cannot use on kindle related devices

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible iOS7.0 or later

Official website


Official Twitter


Official LINE



Download is free(some fees may be charged within the app)






au game


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Outline of ‘Sengoku Enbu‘



Name of the Apps

Sengoku Enbu-KIZNA-


Sumzap, Inc.

Date of Release

Android: April 15, 2013

iOS :July 9, 2013

aAmazon: October 3, 2014


”Sengoku” Real-time Battle RPG


AndroidTM Version 4.0 or later

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible iOS6.0 or later

Official website


Official Twitter



Download is free
(some fees may be charged within the app)






Amazon Android app store


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