Board Members

Board Members

President, Founder


Qian Kun

Qian Kun Joined CA MOBILE, Ltd. in 2006, and was temporary transferred to Zeronana Inc. in April 2008. He established IGNIS LTD. in May 2010 and became Representative Director in September, 2012.

CTO, Representative Director


Takaaki Suzuki

Takaaki Suzuki joined Cyber Agent, Inc. in 2009. He worked as a founding member of JMTY, a classified service website, from May 2011. In November 2011, he joined IGNIS LTD. and was appointed Director in November 2012. He has been leading technological development as co-representative and CTO.

Outside Director


Naofumi Nishi

April 2004 Joined McKinsey & Company
May 2007 Joined Bain Capital Private Equity Asia, LLC
July 2014 Executive Officer, Macromill, Inc.
September 2017 Director (present) and Audit Committee member, Macromill, Inc. (present)
March 2018 Outside Director, and Audit and Supervisory Committee Member of ADK Holdings Inc. (present)
August 2019 Outside Director, Works Human Intelligence Co., Ltd. (present)
September 2019 Outside Director, EmberPoint Co., Ltd. (present)
September 2019 Nominations Committee member, Macromill, Inc. (present)
September 2020 Compensation Committee member, Macromill, Inc. (present)
November 2020 Outside Director, hey, Inc. (present)
November 2020 Outside Director, BEENOS Inc. (present)
June 2021 Outside Director, with Inc. (present)
July 2021 Outside Director, IGNIS Ltd. (present)

Outside Director (Audit & Supervisory committee member)


Kotake Kenji

In April 2006, Kenji Kotake joined KPMG AZSA LLC.
In September 2018, he established Kotake CPA Office.
In November 2019, he was appointed Outside Director of IGNIS LTD.

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