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Company Information

Q.When was this company first established?

A.IGNIS was founded on May 31st 2010. Although for more information about us, please click on the following link.


Q.What is the origin of your company name?

A.‘IGNIS’ in Latin means ‘fire’.

Since ancient times, fire has been thought of as being one of the four major elements essential for life. People huddling around a fire, communication being born… this is how the human race has evolved. Nowadays, fire is completely integrated into the lives of everyone, and has become a “natural” presence in our lives.

Our vision at IGNIS is to advance the evolution of the world by continuing to come up with new standards for the era to come, as we are a strongly motivated group of individuals that is intensely passionate about our work.


Q.When did your company officially go public?

A.On July 15th 2014 IGNIS LTD was listed on the Mothers Market (Market of the High-Growth and Emerging Stocks ) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Q.How many affiliates do you have?

A.Our 8 major consolidated subsidiaries are the following companies: with Inc. gram Inc. Pulse Inc. IGNIS AMERICA, INC. VOYZ ENTERTAINMENT INC. Other consolidated subsidiaries, 1 company and equity method affiliate, 2 company.


Q.Who is your auditor?

Izumi s responsible for our company’s accounting audits.


Finance-related Information

Q.When is your fiscal year end?

A.On September 30th.


Q.When is your earnings announcement?

A.Reports on our earnings are released on a quarterly basis. Please refer to our IR Calendar for more details.


Q.Has the company implemented a Quiet Period?

A.Yes. we have because in order to avoid leaks of information that might affect the share price, IGNIS has a quiet period from the day after a business period ends to the day of the announcement of quarterly financial results, so during this period we cannot make any comments or answer any questions on our business performance.


Q.Where can I find the latest financial information?

A.The latest financial information can be downloaded in bulk from:


Q.Where can I find documentation of past performances?

A.Please refer to the Financial Highlights for more information about all of our performances, and for further details please go to the IR library.


Equity-Related Information

Q.What is your securities code?

A.Our securities code is “3689″.


Q.How many trading units are there currently?

A.There are 100 shares.


Q.Do you have a shareholders special benefit plan?

A.Currently we do not have a shareholders special benefit plan.


Q.When is the shareholders meeting held?

A.The ordinary general meeting of stockholders is held every year sometime in December. Once a date has been set, we will inform you via the IR calendar.


Q.How much is the current stock price?

A.Please click here for the latest information.



Q.What does your company do?

A. Our group comprises 6 consolidated subsidiaries and 2 equity-method affiliates. “We wonʼt be satisfied unless we make an impact on the world” – we established our company IGNIS in May 2010 with this philosophy. We are a product-making company aiming to create new experiences for users. Planning, developing and operating smartphone apps are our main activities. Our major products include an online dating/marriage matching app “with”. In addition, we are developing a wide range of services tailored to current trends, such as Virtual Live Platform “INSPIX”, the mobility business-platform, and “mornin’ plus” by Robit, which designs, manufactures, and sells hardware, components, and software. We will continue to take on the challenge into new areas by identifying usersʼ latent needs to create services that will become the “New standard”.


Q.What is your company’s medium to long-term strategy for growth?

A.Our group companies aims to achieve the medium-term management plan and further growth thereafter. Therefore, we are aiming for multifaceted development of businesses that do not rely on just one business, and are building a strong and stable business portfolio. As a medium-term to long-term business strategy, we are striving to strengthen our basic earnings business and actively promote our investment business.


Q.What are IGNIS’s strengths?

A.This company has two representatives with managing director Qian leading the planning and design of the application while Suzuki the CTO is supporting the technical aspects of it. With their firm grasp of the current trends in technology and user needs, their involvement is essential as they lead the team through the development process. Also we believe that another one of our strength’s is that investment decisions can be made quickly during development, which shows our top management’s firm commitment to our work.

Furthermore, our company culture actively encourages all of our staff members to keep themselves up to date with a variety of pop culture entertainment during their private time that even our development team is said to be “living in the app store” to familiarize themselves with current hits or trends, but also provide us a resource to produce new hits as well.


Other Information

Q.What should I do if I have more inquires about IR?

A.Please clickhereif you have more questions about IR.


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