“MEGA SMASH (Code name GK)” A new fast and exciting action RPG Provided by studiokng started the pre-registrations!
Announcing the MEGA SMASH Six-week Prize Competition Campaign that gives prizes for 6,000 users!


IGNIS LTD. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Qian Kun, hereinafter “IGNIS”) is pleased to announce that “MEGA SMASH (Code name GK)”, the new title provided by its subsidiary studioking Inc. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takaaki Suzuki, hereinafter “studioking“) started the pre-registrations and released a teaser site and trailer.
In addition, they also started the MEGA SMASH Six-week Prize Competition Campaign which distributes valuable prizes to 6,000 users, such as wearable neck speakers, mobile device batteries and other prizes have a total value of ¥4 million.



“MEGA SMASH”, a fast and exciting action RPG

“MEGA SMASH (Code name GK)”

“MEGA SMASH” is a smartphone game developed by studioking, the creator of “BOKU & DRAGONS”, a smartphone game that has recorded more than 3.5 million downloads. “MEGA SMASH” takes the smartphone game category into entirely new territory.
This new game gives players a 3D experience while making it possible to play the game by using a single finger.
The “MEGA SMASH” promotional video is making its debut today. Please have a look.

Promotional video https://youtu.be/VQeQKTeliJk
Features of “MEGA SMASH”

“MEGA SMASH” is a fast and exciting action RPG that allows players to fight off monsters and giant bosses with one finger.
The game gives players the ability to take on a variety of challenges as the story progresses. For example the ʻstory modeʼ allows one person to play the game and the ʻco-op fighting modeʼ allows up to four people to work together to complete a quest.


Create the most powerful party by making a team by yourself!

“MEGA SMASH” has six type jobs (“styles”). Players can create their own parties by combining these styles.
Here, we are introducing two styles: fighter and gunner. Information about the other four styles will be provided later.

ch_ran yakumo3
Lan(CV:Arisa Sakuraba)
Uses the fastest leaps and bounds to knock enemies out of the game!
Yakumo(CV: Julian Sugiura)
Rapidly shoots a steam of bullets to destroy distant enemies!
Soma Saito and Saori Hayami are the voices of the key characters!

We introduce two of the key characters: the hero and Orlea, who supports the protagonist. With these characters, you can conquer the whole world!

ch_braver ch_olrea
Hero (CV: Soma Saito)
This young man inherited a flying ship when his father died.
He has the power to charm people and a virtuous heart that never loses out to evil.
Orlea (CV: Saori Hayami)
This youthful assistant oversees team members along with the main character.
Orlaya has a strong commitment to supporting the main character.
Pre-registration campaign (1) – ‘The Starting Dash Campaign’

This campaign, which is now under way, distributes valuable gifts in proportion to the number of people who pre-register. Prizes include items used in the game and up to 2,500 “mega-stones (gachaticket)” that can be used in a “gacha” game. People who pre-register may also win a rarely available character.


Pre-registration period 17:00 on December 18 – 23:59 of the day before launch
How to pre-register - Follow on the official Twitter account
– Register e-mail address using the official site
– Friend addition of a LINE official account
Gifts Up to 2,500 mega-stones (amount for 10 continuous gacha) and a rare character!
Pre-registration campaign (2)

‘MEGA SMASH Six-week Prize Competition Campaign’ that gives prizes for 6,000 users!

‘MEGA SMASH Six-week Prize Competition Campaign’ to celebrate the start of pre-registrations.

Campaign URL:https://pretw.mega-smash.jp

The competition uses a ranking of each participantʼs fighting strength based on a fighting strength diagnosis on Twitter.
A total of 6,000 people can win wearable neck speakers, mobile device batteries and other valuable prizes.
Compete every week to have a chance to win a prize! *Participation is possible even after a competition has started.


Period Monday, December 18th 2017, 17:00 – Monday, January 29th, 2017, 10:59
Campaign website URL https://pretw.mega-smash.jp
Eligibility - Must apply using a PC or smartphone (feature phones cannot be used)
– Must have a Twitter account
– Must be able to receive Twitter DM from a notification account when winners are announced (people with accounts that are not locked)
– Must agree with the terms for participation in this campaign
– Must live in Japan
How to participate 1) Access the contest website and log in to your Twitter account.
2) Press the diagnosis button in the contest website to calculate the fighting strength of your Twitter account.
3) You are competing with the fighting strength rankings of other players.
4) The basis for calculating fighting strength and rankings are updated every week during this contest at 11:00 on Monday.
5) One entry is allowed each week with a maximum of six times (six weeks)
(Entries using rankings of prior weeks are not allowed.)

You can participate in the campaign after following the official twitter account.

“MEGA SMASH” Official twitter account: https://twitter.com/mega_smash_jp

Outline of “MEGA SMASH (Code name GK)”

Name of the Apps



studioking inc.

Date of Release

Plan to release in 2018


Fast and exciting action RPG


Android™ Version 4.4 or later
iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible iOS9.0 or later
*cannot use on some devices

Official website


Official Twitter


Official LINE



Download is free (some fees may be charged within the app)

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