“MEGA SMASH (Code name GK)”, number of pre-registrations has exceeded 500,000!
Give away an in-game character “Misha”, voiced by Marika Kono, as a commemorative gift!


IGNIS LTD. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Qian Kun, hereinafter “IGNIS”) is pleased to announce that the total number of preregistrations for “MEGA SMASH (Code name GK)”, provided by a subsidiary studioking Inc. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takaaki Suzuki, hereinafter “studioking”), has exceeded 500,000. In commemoration of recording over 500,000, we will give away a playable character “Miesha” with a score of 5 stars (Highest rarity), voiced by Marika Kono.

Megasmash official website: https://mega-smash.jp


“MEGA SMASH” is a fast and exciting action RPG that allows players to fight off monsters and giant bosses with one finger. Although just playing casually with one hand, there is also a deeply inclusive element to the action, and so you can enjoy a really refreshing feeling when you hit the enemies.

Outline of MEGA SMASH pre-registration – ‘The starting dash campaign’


MEGA SMASH conducts a promotional campaign that gives users the luxurious gifts according to the number of pre-registration at the time of release of the game. Today, we achieved the target of 500,000 registrations, so we have decided to give users the 2,500 mega-orb (gacha-ticket) (worth 10 continuous gacha) and “Misha” with a score of 5 starts (Highest rarity) when releasing the game.


Miesha (CV: Marika Kono)
A feline girl traveler. She has a wanderlust
and is traveling around the world depending on her moods and desires of the day.
Her favorites are dried food, especially Karasumi, drying mullet roe.

Outline of “MEGA SMASH (Code name GK)”

Name of the Apps



studioking inc.

Date of Release

Plan to release in Spring 2018


Fast and exciting action RPG


Android™ Version 4.4 or later
iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible iOS9.0 or later
*cannot use on some devices

Official website


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Download is free (some fees may be charged within the app)

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