MEGA SMASH (Code name GK)”, which exceeded 500,000 pre-registration,
launched its service!
Music video of a collaborative song “ODOREmotion” by SILENT SIREN is also released


IGNIS LTD. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Qian Kun, hereinafter “IGNIS”) is pleased to announce that “MEGA SMASH (Code name GK)”, provided by a subsidiary studioking inc. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takaaki Suzuki, hereinafter “studioking“), launched its service today. In addition, a music video of “ODOREmotion”, a collaborative song by SILENT SIREN has also been released today! You can enjoy the innovative music video that combines the song of SILENT SIREN, which makes you want to sing, and game screens of MEGA SMASH, which is full of refreshing feeling, with making full use of motion graphics.

You can download “MEGA SMASH” from here:
You can view the music video of ”ODOREmotion” from here:


“MEGA SMASH” is a fast and exciting action RPG that allows players to fight off monsters and giant bosses with one finger. Although just playing casually with one hand, there is also a deeply inclusive element to the action, and so you can enjoy a really refreshing feeling when you hit the enemies (The following game screens are all under development).

A fast and exciting action RPG!

With a super-easy operation for 1-minute per play, you can get an extremely exciting feeling even for those who are not good at the action RPG! Let’s smash down the monsters with special moves! Go down, climb and jump! You can enjoy a powerful action battle in a high-and-low Quest field!

i1 i2v2 i3

How to organize your party, which is the most interesting aspect of RPG, is the key to win!!

Each character has the power of fire, water, wood, light, and darkness attributes, as well as a variety of skills. By organizing your party with identifying the compatibility between the Quest and character, even low-rarity characters can play an active role! You can enjoy a deep strategic game like card games.

Go on a great adventure with characters!

A variety of characters appear in this game! By growing the characters, each story will be unlocked.
The principal character investigates the archaeological site of an unusual island with a request,
and he met a mysterious girl.
In the full-3D world, the characters laugh, run, and ramp round!

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Rich character and town development!!

You can enhance your characters by adventuring together and collecting items. The evolution of the fostered character unlocks the new images and powerful action skills. If you develop the Town on a flying boat, the character will be more powerful! Moreover, once you try the mini-game “Mananoco Hunting” to destroy the mysterious crystals growing on the Town, you will be addicted!

Online battle with friends with the Arena Mode!!

Let’s enjoy the battle with various players and school and workplace friends all over Japan! You have a chance to get special items available only in Arena Mode! Let’s work with your friends to smash down the powerful boss monsters you canʼt defeat for yourself!

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MEGA SMASH Collaboration song “ODOREmotion”

“ODOREmotion” is a song written for this collaboration. Suu (guitar/vocal) attended the meeting by herself and tried how much she could do to express the world of the game in details by her lyrics. This song is also included in their new album “GIRLS POWER” and became popular among fans, receiving good comments like “Bass solo is cool,” “I was excited when hearing it on the live!” and “I like ODOREmotion the most in their songs.”

“ODOREmotion” Music video:


sisi_02 sisi_03
sisi_04 sisi_05

SILENT SIREN is all-female band with four members: Suu (Sumire Yoshida) as vocals and guitars, Hinanchu (Hinako Umemura) as drums, Ainyan (Aina Yamauchi) as bass, and Yukarun (Yukako Kurosaka) as keyboard. In November 2012, the band made a major debut with a single “Sweet Pop!” The band is formed of ex-amateur models.
They have become popular among female junior and high school students, and LINE official accounts has exceeded 530,000 registrations.
The new album “GIRLS POWER”, which contains the collaborative song “ODOREmotion”, is now on sale.

Outline of “MEGA SMASH (Code name GK)”

Name of the Apps



studioking inc.

Date of Release

March 28, 2018


Fast and exciting action RPG


AndroidTM Version 4.4 or later
iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible iOS9.0 or later
*cannot use on some devices

Official website

Official Twitter

Official LINE


Download is free (some fees may be charged within the app)

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