Notice of outline of “INSPIX WORLD” (formerly “Project WORLD” as tentative name)
services and decision to participate 6 partners


Our subsidiary pulse Inc. announces an outline of the “INSPIX WORLD” (formerly “ProjectWORLD” as tentative name) and participation of 6 partner companies.

Outline of “INSPIX WORLD”

“INSPIX WORLD” is a live-only virtual space SNS updated to enable more ideal customer experiences from the virtual live app “INSPIX LIVE” released by pulse on August 13, 2019.

Background to Partner Participation Decisions

Since the launch of INSPIX LIVE, many companies have been interested in virtual live platforms, and as mentioned above, we are accelerating developments to evolve from “INSPIX LIVE” to “INSPIX WORLD” to realize a more ideal customer experience. “INSPIX WORLD” is a new notion in which no similar services exist. In order to create a new music experience, it is essential to have partners which have knowledges of content development and are flexible in new initiatives.
For this reason, we invited 6 partner companies to take the lead in the current digital content scene.

List of our partners

[INCS toenter Co.,ltd.]




[High Speed Boyz Inc.]


Future Development

INSPIX WORLD will go through a new 3-stage development phase and eventually provide this INSPIX WORLD platform to all developers (companies) who have met certain conditions. The time for opening the platform to developers and the time for general users to use it is undecided, so we will announce it as soon as we decide.
In addition, in the event that we live with the IP of each partner using INSPIX WORLD, we will disseminate information from time to time through the INSPIX LIVE official website and the official SNS, etc.

Outline of pulse Inc.

Company name pulse Inc.
Representative Qian Kun, Representative Director
Head office Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Founded November 4, 2016
Business Details Plan, develop and operate VR contents


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