Notice of basic agreement on business alliance
between pulse and 北京搏跃科技有限公司 (original name) for the development of
“INSPIX WORLD” in the chinese market


Our subsidiary pulse Inc. (hereinafter “pulse”) announced that it has reached a basic agreement with 北京搏跃科技有限公司北京搏跃科技有限公司 (original name) (head office in Haidian District, Beijing, China; Chairman: 銭 奐雲; hereinafter “北京搏跃科技”) to form a business alliance with the aim of spreading the smartphone app “INSPIX WORLD” (hereinafter “INSPIX WORLD”) in China.

Purpose of Consideration of Business Alliance

The business alliance partner 北京搏跃科技, which is operated by a relative of our president Qian Kun, has strong connection and know-how in the VR entertainment business in China.

At the same time, our group has set a mission of ” Creating new standards, over and over again.” Currently, we are focusing on xR(*1) related technologies and peripheral technologies that blur the boundaries between reality and virtual spaces in pulse business since 2016, and are working on the planning and development of the VR and entertainment business in order to achieve continuous earnings growth and increase corporate value through multifaceted business development. As part of our business, we are also focusing on in-house IP development and deploying various assets necessary for this business.

Against this backdrop, we reached a basic agreement on the business alliance between pulse and 北京搏跃科技, considering that this business alliance would be synergistic for both parties in developing the VR and entertainment business in China.

For the outline of “INSPIX WORLD” services and their development, please refer to the press release “Notice of Outline of “INSPIX WORLD” (formerly “Project WORLD” as tentative name) Services and Decision to Participate 6 Partners” announced on November 13, 2019.

*1: xR is a generic term for VR, AR, MR, etc.

Future Development

Starting with the launch of “INSPIX WORLD” in China, which is scheduled to be reached under the basic agreement, we aim to promote “INSPIX WORLD” and increase the number of users worldwide. In addition, by leveraging 北京搏跃科技 (original name)’s strong connection in China, and by promoting the attraction of other companies’ IP, we aim to make “INSPIX WORLD” a service with higher levels of user satisfaction. The development of “INSPIX WORLD” in China may involve industry qualifications and regulations by the Chinese authorities. The company plans to strictly comply with local laws and regulations, including these regulations, in order to promote these projects.

Outline of “INSPIX WORLD”

“INSPIX WORLD” is a live-specific virtual space that has been updated to provide a more ideal customer experience from “INSPIX LIVE”, a virtual live app released by pulse on August 13, 2019.

“Under the concept of “”Inventing since Edison in MUSIC LIVE,”" this is a large-scale product update developed jointly by pulses and Monobit Moricatron Holdings, Inc., as described in the “”Notice of Business Alliance between Our Consolidated Subsidiaries and Monobit Moricatron Holdings, Inc. and our investment in Monobit Moricatron Holdings, Inc.”" announced on September 26, 2019.” If “INSPIX LIVE” is already installed, we are considering switching to “INSPIX WORLD” after the update, but there is a possibility that specifications may change during the development process. Please refer to the press release announced on November 13, 2019, “Outline of “INSPIX WORLD” (Former (Tentative) Project WORLD)” and Notice of decision to participate 6 Units of partners.”

Outline of virtual live app “INSPIX LIVE”

App name
pulse Inc.
Start of provision
August 13, 2019
Platform Smartphone
App Store
Google Play
Official Web site
Price Free-to-play
【App Store】 【Google Play】

Outline of pulse Inc

Company name pulse Inc.
Representative Qian Kun, Representative Director
Head office Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Founded November 4, 2016
Business Details Plan, develop and operate VR contents

Outline of 北京搏跃科技有限公司

Company name 北京搏跃科技有限公司
Representative 銭 奐雲, Chairman
Head office Haidian District, Beijing, China
Founded June 17, 2019
Business Details Planning, development, and operation of entertainment contents
URL Under preparation


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